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For Safe, Healthy and Strong Schools 

About Measures J and K

And Help Make Change

Support Student Futures

A Formula for Success at Twin Rivers Schools

Every student should be able to learn in a safe and healthy school environment. For the first time in a decade, we have the chance to improve schools in our neighborhoods. Now is the time to modernize the aging, decades-old facilities and infrastructure within Twin Rivers Unified so we can give our kids the educational experience they deserve.  

Measure J and Measure K will fund vital health and safety repairs at schools across the district and provide children with the facilities they need and deserve to grow and thrive.  

A YES vote on Measures J and K is a vote to invest in our children’s future.


Improvements Made Possible by Measures J and K:

Health Improvements

  • Ensure every student has clean and safe drinking water 

  • Remove asbestos, mold, and lead paint  

  • Repair leaky or damaged roofs  

  • Replace and repair heating and air conditioning

  • Remove hazardous, rusted lead pipes  

  • Improve access for students with disabilities 

Safety Improvements

  • Improve campus security with new cameras, intercoms, safety fencing, and emergency response  

  • Repair gas lines and faulty electrical systems 

  • Install fire sprinklers and update fire safety systems 

  • Fix cracked, broken and uneven concrete  

  • Provide safe outdoor spaces for students to eat and play 

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Building safe, healthy and strong schools in the Twin Rivers School District.

Kids at Playground

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Supporters of Measures J & K:

*Titles for identification purposes only

Elected Officials
Education Leaders
  • Jack O'Connell, Former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Darrell Steinberg, Mayor, City of Sacramento

  • Angelique Ashby, Vice Mayor, City of Sacramento and 8th Senate District Candidate

  • Sean Lololee, Councilmember, City of Sacramento District 2

  • Phil Serna, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Area 1

  • Paul Keefer, Sacramento County Office of Education Trustee Area 3

  • Michael Baker, Twin Rivers Unified School District, Trustee Area 1, President, Old Foothill Farms Neighborhood Association

  • Stacy E. Bastain, Twin Rivers Unified School District, Trustee, Area 4

  • Basim Elkarra, Twin Rivers Unified School District, Trustee, Area 5

  • Linda Fowler, Twin Rivers Unified School District, Trustee, Area 7

  • Rich Desmond, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, District 3

  • Mariana Corona Sabeniano, Sacramento County Board of Education Trustee, Area 2

  • Dr. Steven Martinez, Superintendent, Twin Rivers Unified School District

  • Dr. Allen Rowe, Founder & CEO of United College Action Network, Grant Union High Alumni, Former Trustee

  • Darris Hinson, Grant Union High School, Principal

  • Heather King, Foothill High School Principal

  • Paul Orlando, Rio Linda High School Principal

  • Darryl Hawthorne, Principal, Highlands High School

Community Organizations, Leaders and Parents
  • Old Foothills Farms Neighborhood Association 

  • Jay King, President and CEO, California Black Chamber of Commerce

  • Chet Hewitt, President & CEO of Sierra Health Foundation

  • Sondra Betancourt, Board Member, Highlands Community Charter School

  • Sonja Cameron, We Are TR Foundation Board Member

  • Mark Harris Esq. Attorney, Ben Crump Law

  • Jason Sample, Parent of 4 District Students

  • David Lugo, Chief of Police, Twin Rivers Unified School District

  • Barbara Rose, Vice President, Old Foothill Farms Neighborhood Association

  • Sandy Highland, Member, Old Foothill Farms Neighborhood Association

  • Carolyn Smith, Member, Old Foothill Farms Neighborhood Association

  • Marilyn Lewis, Member, Old Foothill Farms Neighborhood Association

  • Deborah Pounds, Member, Old Foothill Farms Neighborhood Association

  • Ronnie Slimp, Specialist, Facilities Planning and Utilization, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

  • Heather Slimp, Member, Woodlake Neighborhood Association

  • Amanda Goodenough

Local Control and Fiscal Accountability

Measure J and Measure K come with strict financial oversight, ensuring every dollar goes to our local schools 


Overseen by a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee 


Subject to annual independent audits 


Funds cannot be used for administrator salaries or pensions 


Qualifies the District for state matching funds that would otherwise go to other school districts 


All funds stay local to Twin Rivers schools 

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Let’s give our kids the healthy and safe education environment they deserve.  

Vote yes for our children’s future.

Vote YES on Measures J and K. 


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For Safe, Healthy & Strong Schools
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